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We Offer 3 types of Preventive Maintenance Plans in Raleigh, nc, Cary, NC, Wake Forests, Choose a plan that’s right for you.

  1. Performance plan: Preventive Maintenance is at the heart of every Air Conditioner Performance Plan. It’s a schedule of a single services visit designed to check your system and preserve its maximum performance quality for one flat rate.Price: $15 per month with one year contract.
  2. Advantage Service: a preventive maintenance is combined with a single service repair visit including emergency service, labor and travel, for a value packaged offering. Terms: you can request emergency service visit at any time of the year.
    Price: $20 per month with one year contract.
  3. Premium Service: Plan is a full service agreement to cover any Time Service on unlimited visits “labor and travel”, Up to of refrigerant and an annual Preventive Maintenance.Price : $30 per month with one year contract

System Tune-up is recommended twice a year, Air Conditioning system should be regularly maintained and Cleaned, which will help to ensure that they continue to perform with high precision and accuracy.

Performance plans
(1-year contract)
Preventive Maintenance Advantage Service Premium
Warranty extension ( labor only) NO NO 12 months
Number of emergency visits included 0 1 unlimited
Preventive maintenance visits per plan year 1 1 2
Price $15 per month $20 per month $30 per month